Any differences between go 600 & 6000 visually please

Jan 17, 2015
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I recently bought a second hand go 6000 on eBay. Yesterday I recieved my package, but I was sent a go 600. I paid more for it than what I could have got one brand new in a store.
The seller is refusing to refund my money refusing to admit she sent me a 600.
My question is, is there any noticeable differences visually between the 600 and 6000.
I have noticed that on 6000's there is a little black mark next to the right hand side of the screen about an inch down from the top. Do "ALL" go 6000's have this black mark on the side of the screen. I have noticed that some 600's have but probably the newer models. I just need a way of proving that the one she listed in her ebay pics was actually a go 600 and not a 6000.
Many thanks
Welcome to TomTomForums, Stephen.

Your question will have to be answered by a European member as we do not have the GO xxxx models in North America, only the GO xxx.

There is a review here

The difference, as far as I know, is that the 6000 has a 2nd SIM card to update Live Traffic over the air which requires an annual paid subscription from TomTom.

The 600 receives the Live Traffic from a Blutooth connction of a cell phone which must have a data plan with the provider. Data usage is minimal an will not be noticed by someone who is texting regularly.

If you are close to shops in the High Street I would suggest you drop in and ask for comparison.

I trust your transaction record at eBay is still accessible and you could lodge a complaint to get your money back.
Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes, I have already lodged a complaint with ebay, and it is being processed. The thing is the seller is trying to say I have switched tomtoms and am trying to give her back a 600 when she sent a 6000. Unbelievable I know. I do know the differences in spec, but just wondered mainly about the black bit on the screen as this is my only chance I think of proving that she did actually list a 600. I think she is trying to pull a fast one.
I should have just bought a new one. Well, you live and learn.
Thanks again
Had serial or model numbers been shown on the original offer?

You can get the complete info of the device by keeping the start button depressed even after the the drum roll starts.
A black screen with white text will appear.
Take a picture.
The black mark is for the microphone. All 6000 models have a microphone. Only newer 600 models have a microphone, the initial batch did not.

So if you are missing the notch it isn't a 6000, but presence of a notch does not rule out a 600.

The most effective way to confirm 6000 vs 600 is the first two characters of the serial number.
Thanks guys. I have screen shot these responses and sent them her. Her response was that you guys obviously don't know what you are talking about and you obviously haven't seen all models of the 6000 because hers was definately a 6000. Unbelievable.
Providing the first two letters of the serial number, as suggested by MVL, is most DEFINITELY the solution to this problem. For your serial number amusement:

Worldwide, possible for GO600 = QE, QF, QU, QW
Worldwide, possible for GO6000 = QQ

If she is unwilling to produce the first two characters of the serial number (and obviously, it wouldn't be a good plan to advise her of the possibilities), walk away from the deal.
Yes just to confirm that the 600 needs a phone with a Bluetooth connection to download live traffic updates and the 6000 has an in built sim card. I have the 6000 and the first two digits are QQ.
Oh and on the bottom where the serial number is it actually tells you the model number too. See attached photo.


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