Destination address not showing in notification when syncing destination to device

Aug 20, 2017
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I have a TomTom go 600, and I use it for 2 - 6 destinations per day. I always sync the destination from the MyDrive app on my phone, since I can use my voice to type in the address in the search... Much easier and faster than using the voice control or search on the device itself, since the nav device is mounted upon top of the windshield.

But here is the problem...
The destination house number
is not in the notification on top of the screen, it just shows the road only.

If I set the destination from the device itself, it does show the house number
in the notification.

I have tried resetting the device, (soft reset), also resetting the phone, and reinstalling the MyDrive app.

I gets really annoying, because it's hard to remember each house number, and I have to constantly reference the number that I have written down on my clipboard, while driving as I get closer.

Is there a way to fix this??
It is likely that the device is receiving coordinate data from the app, not the specific address data, and for some reason, the device doesn't reverse geolocate back to an address again.

The 600 does reasonably well with voice entry of addresses. What problem is it causing you in that respect?
Voice control does not work that well, especially with any noise around. After about three tries and it gives me some weird address in another state, I decide I don't need that kind of aggravation. Of all the times I've used voice control which is every so often, it gets maybe 40% of the address is correct.

But since that is not what my concern is, it sounds to me that TomTom needs to address the way the app and the device coordinate. Of all the notifications and information that is needed in the GPS, the destination physical address is one of the most important when you're looking for the Final Destination. Obviously, since the point marked by the GPS is not always 100% accurate. You still need the actual address...

And another thing, the favorites and my places need to have the physical addresses associated with them to show when you pull them up, which they do not.
The actual physical address does show in the mydrive app, but I don't believe it shows from the device itself. I may be wrong on that... I know my older one didn't.

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