How to input specific destination by spelling its name if address unknown

Aug 21, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Hello y'all I just got my TomTom 920.

I cannot figure out where on the menus to input a POI by spelling, example SAFEWAY to find closest supermarket since there is no such category. This surely must be an available feature, I would think...
Also, I added a POI, and now I wish to delete it. When I touch Delete POI (not delete POI category,) it only takes me to a menu that gives me three categories to delete. I also get taken to a POI category list with only 3 categories when I touch Add POI. This happens whether I choose POI in city, POI near home, or POI near you.

Is there something wrong with my GPS?
All the other functions I've tried seem to work just fine.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has some words of advice for me.
First question:

Navigate to
Point of interest
POI near you
Search POI
Second question:

How did you add the POI? Did you create a new category of your own using "Manage POIs", or did you add one to an existing category using "Map corrections" and "Add missing POI"?
I find the built-in ones on the TomTom are useless in the UK. especially for things like shops as we have no sub-divisions by brand like they have in the US.

I would say it is far better to add your own POI files for shops you are interested in. There are several websites that can provide the files, if you let us know your location we can advise further.
She's not all that far from me, Andy. Our POI list is somewhat more useful than yours. The 920, IF the map is current (we have no idea about that yet!) should include any of the local Safeway stores.

Press the little box in the lower right corner of your 920, then press that area once again. Please advise the version number of your USA_Canada map.
For your second question Rona, oddly the same question got asked by someone else yesterday.

The confusion arises because there are TWO different types of POIs on the TomTom devices.
The first type are the built-in POIs. These are not editable, except by Mapshare
The "Edit POI" menus are just for the second type, the "user" POIs which you can add yourself, either by creating them on the unit itself (using "Add POI category") or by manually adding the POI files using 'MyTomTom' on the newer models like yours, or TT Home or Windows Explorer on the older ones.

So the only categories you are seeing for edit are the ones you added yourself somehow.

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