Customer service is useless

Jun 23, 2023
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TomTom Model(s)
Tomtom support is useless. Customer can't solve problems with the support team. Why Tomtom has no telephone service . Then your valuable customers has easily solve their problems. Now customers has no idea how to solve their problems. We are feeling abandoned and helpless.
This is a user forum independent of TomTom. As users we are well aware of TomTom 's communication failures but complaints on here will not be seen by TT management. You need to direct your ire direct to TomTom
@mini Thomas Let's see if we are better than the customer support ( nothing against you @Jazz@1108 ^^). Can you tell us what's your device what you want to do and what is the issue you're facing?

@Jazz@1108 according her message I do think she already spoke tosupport cia text but it's not working well. And she is lucky because French answer from the TomTom support on FB or Twitter is really... weird and barrely french.
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When TomTom has left their millions of sports watches without any possibility to use them*, do no expect anything from TomTom customer service.

* Tomtom has closed their services to sport watches' users. Can be understood, they decide their business. But they have done it not distributing the basic code information in order anyone can make them usabe the watches in another sports platform. And they announce it in this way ... It seem they are proud of their shameful decision

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