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Dec 19, 2008
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Since there are a number of traffic issues going on right now, I am posting a consolidated list to help people keep things sorted. If you have any updates or if you notice that Tomtom fixes an issue, please post separately, and I'll update this list.

Also PLEASE CALL TOMTOM SUPPORT if a problem impacts you. Tomtom is logging the number of people that report each issue, and the frequency of calls helps in the prioritization of fixes.

I have seen more issues than those listed below, but they are only reported by one member. Until it can be duplicated by someone else, I haven't posted it.

1) Home 2.7 installs corrupted traffic files when installing a map

Home 2.7 installs zero-length traffic.dat and tmccodes.dat files. With zero-length files, the Tomtom doesn't properly connect/read traffic services.

This appears to have been fixed by Home However, it will only help for future map updates. If you already have a corrupted map from an earlier Home 2.7 version, updating Home alone won't solve the problem.

To fix an existing issue, do the following:
- Use windows explorer or mac finder to go to your Tomtom map folder, it should be named the same as your map (USA/Canada, North America, Western Europe, etc).
- Look for the tmccodes.dat and traffic.dat files. If they are not zero-length, then this problem doesn't apply to you.
- If the files are zero length, look in the mydocuments\tomtom\home\download\complete\map folder. There should be one or more subfolders there, find the most recent one. In that subfolder there should be a really big zip file.
- Open that zip file, and copy the tmccodes.dat and traffic.dat files to your tomtom map folder, overwriting the zero-length files.

2) ONE XL (2007 model with bluetooth) cannot renew PLUS traffic in the USA.

ONE XL owners can purchase a PLUS traffic subscription in HOME, however the Tomtom system cannot activate the PLUS subscription renewal.

This may also impact ONE Second/Limited edition owners, and perhaps GO 910 owners. It does not impact GO 630/720/730/920/930 owners.

There is no known workaround at this time. All you can currently do is call Tomtom and ask for a subscription refund.

Tomtom recently disabled PLUS traffic renewals in the Netherlands, my suspicion is that older American devices got caught up in the shutdown.

3) RDS-TMC antenna does not work for older ONE/XL models in Canada and the UK.

The RDS-TMC receiver in certain countries (Canada and UK, maybe others) requires application 8.014 or later to work properly. HOME will only install application 8.010 on the Tomtom models below. Recent shipments of the models below contain application 8.014 or later, but if you reformat due to a bug, or if you have an earlier release, it won't have this software.

In order for some RDS-TMC receivers to work, you have to manually install application 8.014. To install 8.014, use Winrar (windows) or Stuffit (Mac) to extract the contents of the file linked below, and copy the contents onto your Tomtom, overwriting as needed.

ONE 3rd edition
ONE 125 / ONE 130 / ONE 130-S
XL 330 / XL 330-S

With this workaround, Operate my ONE/XL will no longer work in Tomtom HOME. This also means that you cannot change a security pin, nor send a location from Google, as both of these features use Operate my ONE/XL.
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