Computer (win7) failing to see the TT

Nov 10, 2018
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TomTom Model(s)
Go 620 professional
My TT is a 620 professional go unit brand new.

I have tried various ports, I have tried rebooting, I have tried and failed to find drivers on the TT support pages and am a bit baffled to be honest as to why there is this problem in this day and age.

Suggestions very welcome as I want to add a POI set to the unit.

Thanks in advance

Your 620 connects to the computer via WiFi for updating maps, OS, anything.
You should go to Menu > Settings WifFi and make sure that tou signed in there with your router's network name and password.
With MyDrive Connect open and plugged in via USB cable it uses the WiFi connection between the PC and your router. The main advantage being plugged in is not dropping a connection during an update when the battery charge is low. USB connected it will show:

Screen Shot 11-14-18 at 08.57 AM.JPG

If you do not see that, make a screen shot of what you got and post it here.


  • Screen Shot 11-14-18 at 08.57 AM.JPG
    Screen Shot 11-14-18 at 08.57 AM.JPG
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Yes, it is working on the WIFI. BUT... to add the POI sets that I want to, 3d party ones, then I need to be able to see the TT on the computer and it is just not there.
Actually, your custom POI can be moved to your device via WiFi as well. Or, as we have discussed, by cable.

As for 'drivers' ... it is the MyDrive Connect app that supplies the USB to Ethernet driver that will connect your device to your PC successfully. Even though the MyDrive Connect app itself isn't used as the user interface, that USB to TCP connection that MyDrive Connect provides is necessary to make the logical connection work over the cable so that you can also update your device while 'hard wired' rather than WiFi if you prefer or are having WiFi issues.

Just as an aside -- if you were looking at your PC's device list to see if the connection was successful -- your 620 will appear as a 'network adapter' to your computer. That's because it's a little mini-server, not just a 'dumb' peripheral device. You can check to see if it is REALLY connected by typing in this address in your favorite browser with your device connected >>
That is the IP address and one of the 'folders' in your device. If it responds with a blank page that shows "Index of /personal/" at the top, you are connected.
BUT... to add the POI sets that I want to, 3d party ones, then I need to be able to see the TT on the computer and it is just not there.
No,go to page 38 in the manual and continue from there.

When done, the Custom POIs show under the name of your ov2s, without that extension at the end of My Places on your 620.
Here is screen print from my 620. Some of these are 10 years old, having been made on my GO 930.


Once loaded, to get them to show go to Menu > Settings > Appearance > Show POI list on map and all of them have those little triple location pointers and all display Hide. Click on the category you want to display and you can select any of those 5 icons as a maker for it.
You have have 5 categories shown at the same time but the screen may get a little too busy, particularly if you have built in POIs like gas stations or parking lots enabled too.

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