Closing the app

Dec 27, 2010

As I understand it, the current method for closing or exiting Tomtom for iPhone is:
Press Home,
press Home twice (to bing up background apps),
press and hold Tomtom and then
press the red minus.
Is this the correct method? Have I missed something? Is there an easier way to exit?
If this is the current supported approach it is convoluted and requires a silly amount of steps.
Why not add a Close Tomtom to the main menu?
The reason is that, unlike most iPhone apps, TT has been designed to run in background. This allows you to take a phone call whilst still receiving route instructions.

The downside is that simply pressing the Home button deliberately does not close down the app and it continues to run in background and consume a lot of power. Copilot, in comparison, allows you to turn off background navigation in Settings so you don't have to go through the convuluted closedown. Of course, if you do set it that way, navigation stops when you take a phone call.

TT does have a Multitasking setting, but like many other settings, there seems no guidance on what it actually does.
While it certainly is good practice and the 'proper way' to exit the app to make sure you're not using any addtional resources - Technically you don't even need to use the Mutli-tasking 'Close App' method - clearing a route once you've reached your destination should effectively 'pause' the app's thread since it's not constantly recalculating or trying to provide spoken directions. I've been lazily doing this for some time and still haven't seen any additional heat buildup (due to background processing) or decrease in battery life on my iPhone once a route is cleared and either pressed home once to return to the main home screen or put it to sleep in my pocket or whatever. It's like the app isn't even running. I'm not suggesting you do this over the 'right' way, just pointing out my experience with it. Whatever method you prefer should be fine, I'm just sayin'... =)

As far as Multi-Tasking option on Advanced Setting goes, it's simply a way to further control whether or not the app sends 'spoken' directions (basically whether or not it's using the channeling the app's builtin audio or BT-audio resource modules between pauses/apps swtiches - similar to what iPod app, Pandora, etc do when multasked)- a bit of a misnomer since it's still consuming some resources at this point IF a route is currently in session thus not a true 'off'' setting., if that's what you're looking for. Whether Multitasking is set to on or off, if you fully closing the app or use 'quick close' method mentioned above, as long as a route is ACTIVE upon closing the app will always keep it in memory between startups. That's why it's important to clear them!

Hope this helps.

Since I left the last message, I have switched Multitasking off, set a route and then pressed the Home button to leave the app.

Clearly, if Multitasking simply switched off voice prompts, the battery would be flattened within the hour, but this is not the case, and I have run my iPhone this way for many days.

There could be some increase in battery consumption, but it's not discerable in normal use.

In summary, with Multitasking turned off, you don't have to clear a route/go through the full close down process.

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