Traffic info for Slovenia, for GO Mobile app

Jul 28, 2019
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Are there any plans from TomTom to introduce Traffic info for Slovenia in Go Mobile app?
Haven't heard one way or another about that. But do understand, this isn't a TomTom corporate site, just a bunch of independent TomTom wonks who try to provide assistance to other users.
Hello, canderson,

Thank you for your prompt reply.
Apologies if the question was too direct, but I am interested in this subject,
so if any have any clue, I would be grateful for any info.
PS. It is a strange situation, TomTom offers traffic info for Slovenia on their devices, but not for their mobile app...

It is indeed strange, but it may be because there are two classes of devices and two different servers out there servicing them.
The GO mobile app and the TomTom Bridge class (commercial) devices all use what are known as NDS maps, and a different server for traffic. The consumer devices all use what we here call 'classic' maps and another server for traffic.
It sounds as though for some reason they have not coordinated the Slovenian traffic data for the 'NDS' traffic server. One would not think that was difficult. If I can come up with a Slovenia map, I might try later to see if I can pull up traffic on one of my Bridge devices.

It might be worth a call to the folks at tech support to see if this is only some kind of mistake that Slovenian traffic does not appear on the GO app.

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