Dumb question re: Traffic Information Bar

Jul 16, 2010
Hi All,
I'm new to the forum and just purchased my first TomTom this week. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm having a problem getting the Traffic Information Bar displayed.

I picked up the TomTom XL 335TM with lifetime maps and traffic. I connected the device to my PC, downloaded all the latest updates, and entered the map activation code that came with the unit. (there was no traffic activation code included in the box, only maps).

The unit was advertised with lifetime traffic and the manual includes a section on the traffic information bar. I assume whatever hardware necessary to receive these updates is built into the device. (I have seen separate traffic antennas sold). How do I get the traffic information bar displayed?

Any help anyone can provide is appreciated! Thanks


Is there an egg shaped lump of plastic on the car charger lead near to the device? - if there is the RDS receiver is built in to the car charger lead - Mike

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