Cannot download Tomtom to my desktop

Aug 14, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom One 130S
I just joined today and I hope I am posting my problem to the correct area, if not, I apologize. have a TomtomOne 130S and it is a couple of years old. I restored my AcerPower FE Desktop to the way it was when it was new on 7/24/10, because of scareware. Before the restoration, I never had a problem updating the maps on my Tomtom GPS unit. Since the restoration, when I download TomTom it does not download to my desktop but it downloads to a download folder. I have sent it to my desktop and then double click to install, but nothing happens. I get the message that Firefox doesn't know how to open this address because the protocol (tomtomhome) isn't associated with any program. Can anyone help me please? I need easy to follow instructions as I am not tech savy. I have Windows XP and Firefox and 90 days of free Norton. I am wondering if because my GPS unit is a few years old if TomTom will no longer allow me to download TomTom to my desktop. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. I do not have a problem downloading anything other than TomTom.
Welcome to TTF.

The age of the unit has nothing to do with the install process of the Home software.

Follow these steps:
1. Make a note of the user name/password associated with your unit. You'll need them later
2. Download and install the FREE version of REvo uninstaller from here. The link for the freeware version is at the bottom of the freeware column.
3. Run Revo and completely uninstall Home.
4. Get a new copy of Home from here

See if it installs properly.
Thank you so much for your reply. I downloaded the free version of Revo Pro 2.4.1 uninstall from your link and then I did not see TomTom listed. So I proceeded to your next link and I downloaded Tomtom and I clicked on Windows XP Users and it said that if the file is saved, once the download is complete to double click for setup. I also got the following message "You have chosen to open TomTomHOme2winlatest.exe which is a Binary File from Welcome to DOWNLOADTOMTOM.COM Would you like to save the file?" I clicked "yes", and then as in the past, the download did not show up on my desktop. It showed up in a little window called downloads. I tried double clicking on it, but nothing happened. I really appreciate your trying to help me. I have tried to make my explanation as clear and easy to understand as possible.
Use Explorer to look in the downloads folder. Does the file show up with an exe extension as in tomtomhome2winlatest.exe ?

And if so, you are saying that double clicking it does nothing?

If so, try right clicking the file. Is one option to extract the files? If so, do so (perhaps to a temp folder if you are given the choice. Hopefully after doing so, you'll see an install file to double click on.
I am in Internet Explorer (as opposed to Firefox) and I'm sorry but I cannot find the downloads folder.
Do you see an icon labelled Windows Explorer on your desktop?

Double click that. If you don't see an icon, then

click your Start icon (bottom left of the screen), Run, type Explorer, when a screen opens up, then in the left pane double click on 'My computer'.

Then in the right pane, double click on the icon showing as the c: drive.

You should now see a list of folders. Look for one labelled 'download'. Double click it to open and look for the file I mentioned earlier.

All the above assumes you have a pc, not a Mac.
Yes, I have an Acer Power FE Desktop computer. These are the files listed in my c drive (downloads was not listed):

System Information
Doucments and Settings
Program Files
Go back to my post of 4:01 pm.

Go to the link for getting the Home application. When you click on the link to download, choose SAVE, not RUN. A window will open up asking to save the file to. The folder where it is going to save is at the top of that window. Look carefully at where it is saving. Use Windows Explorer to go to that folder.

Then right click the file when you see it there.
I followed the previous instructions, and the top of that window where it saves to reads "opening TomTomHome2winlatest.exe Binary File

I really appreciate your help. I think when I restored the desktop computer to the way it was when it came out of the box something was overlooked. I really don't know -- this all has me puzzled as I am not computer savy.
I'm stymied. The instuctions to install Home are on the page you downloaded Home from. If you clicked 'save' instead of 'run' when the file got downloaded then, as the instructions say, the Home install wizard should start, not something referring to a 'home binary file'
I'm very confused too. I did follow the instructions to the letter and it only gave me the option to save and it did not give me the option to run. I haven't a clue as to why there is a problem now, and I really don't even know what a binary file is (never heard of it before). I sincerely appreciate all of your time and effort in trying to help me with this. Thanks so much.

Download the Agent Ransack utility from here (32 bit version):
Agent Ransack - Download

Install it and start it up........

In the file name field type *winlatest* (notice the asterisks. They are important).

Then click 'start search'

Let it run a few minutes till it finishes its search. When the file shows up (and it should), then click on it and select 'run'. It should install.
Ok, I followed your instructions. I clicked on Run and a window opened that read:

"Run As

Which user do you want to run this program?

Box was checked. Current user (Acer 14219167C5\Maureen)

Box checked. Protect my computer and data from unauthorized activity.

This option can prevent computer viruses from harming your computer or
personal data but selecting it might cause program to function improperly."


I deselected both of the above boxes and selected run and nothing happened. :confused:

Thanks again for all your time and effort. I think I will need to sign off for this evening now. I will take another look and come back to this site again tomorrow.
Anyone out there have a clue as to why TomTom will not download to my computer?? Is there a troubleshooting area where I can go to and maybe this could be fixed automatically for me? Vould it be a Firewall or Norton Anti Virus is blocking something? I hate to take the desktop to BestBuy as I know they will charge so much. So frustrating.
Tomtom HOME needs the latest dotnet software.

Click here and then "download" to install dotnet.

Then try installing HOME again.
Hi MVI- Thank you for your reply. Out of extreme frustration, of trying to troubleshoot this problem, I took the desktop to Best Buy and they said that the reason that TomTom would not download properly and installl was due to missing software. In any event, they had the desktop for about 45 minutes and they downloaded TomTom and installed it and it works fine now. I was just about ready to pull my hair out and give up. I asked the Best Buy Tech was software he installed and I did not get any clearcut answer but in any event, TomTom is now on my desktop and runs fine. Thanks so much.

Do you know how to back up data on one's desktop before doing a system recovery (without disks) to the factory settings? This is something I need to learn how to do, with easy to follow, step by step instructions.
Cannot install TomTom 130 S on my desktop, help please...

Hello, I am able to download TomTom to my desktop, but when I click on it to install, nothing happens. (have Windows XP) Can anyone help, please?

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