Buying New Maps?

Oct 31, 2015
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I'm new to this site & wondered if you guys could help me please.
I live in United Kingdom & in early May next year will be doing a 3500 mile road trip around the Southern States in America. I have a fairly old (around 6/7 years old) Tom Tom 740 Go (I think it is), I was wondering if it will pay me to buy a new Sat Nav in the states, or would I be better off just buying the U.S. maps from here & downloading them to my device?

I'm a bit concerned buying a new one in the states because I have got to get from the airport to a shop to be able to buy one in the first place. Then I'm not sure if it will need something doing to it, i.e. Set up on a computer or something, which I won't have the facility to do?
But if I download the maps here, is my device so old now it will struggle to deal with a new set of maps? I do go to the states every couple of years for holiday so at least I would have some maps in the future.

There are other options of course like hiring one either from here or the car hire company but I thought if it got stolen or lost at least I wouldn't be paying some enormous fee to settle the debt.

Sorry for the waffle, & any advice greatly appreciated.

Thank You, have a great weekend.
You shouldn't have a problem getting an additional map for your device. There will be a delay of a few minutes getting a gps lock when you first start out from the airport so be prepared. Further, your device does have a sd card slot, I believe, so handling the additional map should be ok.
+1 to the SD card slot. That's where I keep my W Europe map on my 740 Live. Of course, the "Live" part won't work here since our cellular system is different... not that I expect it will work for much of next year anyway as they shut down our 2G cellular service.

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