Bluetooth Pairing Issue

Jan 5, 2008
Coastal NC
TomTom Model(s)
GO 920
I have a TT 720 and a Motorola E815 phone that paired and worked for a couple of weeks. But now, I can't get the phone or the TT to pair at all. I've deleted the phone from the TT a couple of times and that seemed to have worked. But this last time it will not connect at all. Both the phone and the TT state that no devices are found.

Anybody got any ideas?
Yes, the phone is enabled. The TT720 shows up in the "device" list on the phone. I've tried everything I know of to connect. No luck. I do a "scan" on the phone and its says "no devices found". BT is enabled on the TT. I do a scan on the TT and it says "no mobile phones found". I'm at a loss.
Have you pressed the TT reset button? That sometimes clears up issues.

There is also some program on TT's site and I never remember its name. ClearFlash or similar. It actually works on cleaning up the TT's memory conflicts and is not directed at the "flash (sd)" card. There is probably a mention of it here.

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