Anyone have an opinion of hte VIA 1535?

May 22, 2010
I am looking at replacing my GO Live 740. I am saddened to see the way TOMTOM has gone with its newer models. Stripped down, no connectivity, etc. I am looking at getting a VIA 1535 TM. While it is not ideal, it looks like it may meet my needs. I am moving to the Middle East and need to be able to install Middle East maps into it. Something else I cannot do with TOMTOM's newest crop of devices.

Anyone here use this device and have any opinions on it pro or con? I am leery as the reviews on Amazon seem to be running 50-50 between the one and five star reviews. Thanks.


Get the unit and a 8 or 16 gb micro sdhc card for the device to handle any additional maps you may wish to purchase. The faster the speed (class 6+) the better.

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