Does anyone else have a problem with irrational directions?

Jun 25, 2013
I have been using my tomtom for a delivery job. Very frequently, lately, it will direct me as much as a mile out of my way when there is a much shorter route available. Is this because I have not updated maps? any input would be appreciated.
What version is your map? The latest is 910.

And what setting are you using for planning? Fastest? Shortest?

Finally, what model and application do you have?
i guess it's an xl N14644. I'm not sure how to check which map I have, but it's about a year old and I've never paid to update. It's set for fastest route, but the situation I'm talking about is where it could have had me take a right and be at my destination, rather it took me a half mile down the road and told me to take a street that winds around for about a half mile to end up at the same spot.
One can think of several reasons why this might be, though first, we need to figure something out. N14644 is a regulatory number, not a model. Can you give us the first two digits of your serial number?

In the last year, TomTom has agreed with many of us that u-turns should be permitted, and the new firmware to allow for that will have been released. Before that, some pretty strange routes would occur for a couple of reasons related to this.

Second, your unit is unaware of some of the cuts across medians that allow for left turns into parking lots of businesses. That's another issue that can cause some odd routing.

There could be some errant turn restrictions that need to be updated. These could be in the map, or a Mapshare problem.

Actually, it would help if you could give us an example from point A to point B where your problem occurs so that we could look into this further from your perspective.
The first two letters of the serial are RU. The example I can give you is going to Governors Hill rd in West Warwick, RI.It tells me to take a left onto Wakefield st from Providence st, Then a right onto Governors Hill, which circles around for about a half a mile until you get to 8 Governors Hill, the destination. The problem is that right after you get to number 8, the road merges onto Natick ave, which would have been the right before Governors Hill rd and at that point you are literally yards from Wakefield again.
Your model shows as this: XL IQ Routes TTS* / 335 / 340S - 2GB

What map version and application do you have?
OK - that's either an XL335 or 340S. Hard to imagine that it's only a year old.

If I understand correctly, you would expect to take a right off Wakefield and up Natick Rd a a shorter approach to 8 Governors Hill. Is that correct?

That intersection of Natick and Governors is certain an odd little one. It appears to be a short section of 1 way in each direction. Using one of my units with a 910 North American map, I've had a look at that intersection. I don't see a turn restriction that would disallow a left turn from Natick onto Governors (as long as you got north far enough to get the westbound one-way), but it may exist on an earlier map. An error there would certainly cause the kind of routing you are seeing.

Backing up just to check, the right off Wakefield onto Natick, I don't see any restriction to a turn there, either.

As for your map version, press the lower right corner. Above the "Done" on the next page, you will see your firmware version number. Record that. Now press on the firmware version number and you'll get another page. What does it say after "Map:"?

Meanwhile, I'll keep looking at the map issue a bit more.
Interesting. TomTom's route planner prefers the winding Governors Hill approach as well. I used 798 Providence St, West Warwick, RI, US as the start, and 8 Governors Hill, West Warwick, RI as the end.

There's something I'm not seeing in turn restrictions or something else that is preventing a more normal routing up Natick. Just can't see it.,-71.499565000001&zoom=14&map=basic
o.k., now this all may be academic, because my tomtom has just started acting as though I am touching the screen when in fact, I am not. One of the things it did was to put up something like this: bbxxbbbxbbwwwbxbxbxbwbwbx; Would you like to save this to favorites? I think it's time for a new one.
If it helps, that section of Natick is two way all the way. No one-way sections at all. And, you're probably right, the unit might be closer to two years old. It's a replacement under warrantee for the original one I got as a gift.
Before you bin that one, clean out the area between the touchscreen and the outside bezel with a business card or similar. If there's any crud in there, it could be creating phantom button presses.
o.k. thank you. I worked out the timelines and I definitely got this as a replacement for my original one last August, so it is not even a year old. Don't know if Wal-mart has a backlog of NOS sitting around and that's why I got this one. Also, I have never cleaned the screen in fear of ruining it. What's the best way to do that?
As noted above -- a business card or very thin sheet of flexible plastic or similar -- enough to get under the bezel and remove any crud that may have collected.

Surprised that WalMart still had 335's around for replacement.

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