Any Third party software for Go Live 940 at all?

Discussion in 'TomTom 3rd Party Software' started by vlbaindoor, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. vlbaindoor


    May 22, 2010
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    Go 940 Live
    Hi there,

    I have tried to get the Calculator application working, I have tried the TTExplorer application - both don't seem to work at all.

    Is there any third party application which can be used on the GO LIVE 940 model? I have bought this just in May this year but feel that Tom Tom has more or less abandoned this model. This model does not seem to be shown anywhere on Tom Tom's own website.

    This seems to be running App ver 8.371.

    Am I left with a device that is working fine now - but no longer supported?

    I would like applications which can :
    1. allow me to re-arrange the menu items on the menu,
    2. a MP3 player which has more control than just play, ff and stop - I want to be able to skip to the next track in play list easily,
    3. show me clearly if the phone is connected via blue tooth or not and allow me to control it
    4. a simple calculator which can be used to convert from one currency to another at least
    vlbaindoor, Jul 19, 2010
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