Adhesive Plate

Feb 26, 2008
I was originally looking for a mount since I didn't want to stick the adhesive plate on my dash. I tried the tomtom mount and the bracketron mount but they just weren't long enough. Are longer dash mounts made? If I have no more choices in mounts, how easy is this adhesive plate removed from the dash if it remains on the dash for several months or even years? Thanks.
I tried a heel (gel) pad (yup, one that is used on shoes) and it's working fine so far. Just put on the dash, a little pressure then put your gps mount on top. I've tried it on some bumpy roads and it's still holding on. In fact, it also acts some sort of vibration absorber. Once you're done, you can simply remove the (gel) pad without any trace of adhesives.
my disk came right off the dash no problem. It vibrated so bad I could not read the 720 on a semi smooth road I have a padded dash and the padding flexes with the 720 on the longer arm mount from the mount guys. I am back to the windshield and no vibration.

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