Any decent aftermarket dashboard adhesive disc mounts?

Nov 27, 2009
I love my new XL330-S except for the disc mount. It's not staying stuck to the dash very well. Perhaps some of the problem is that the dash is very slightly curved by my former cheapo Mio adhesive disc stayed there fine. Any recommendations on an aftermarket adhesive disc?
Mounting pads

Personally, I like the bean bag approach as it is easy to move from vehicle to vehicle but more importantly it is easy to just pull the plug out and put it in the trunk to conceal it from prying eyes. Mine stays in the bean bag while it is in the house, trunk or dash. No rings on windows or mounting pads to draw attention to your vehicle when you are not around.
If your area allows for windshield mounts, I think RAM Mounts are the best. I've had one for my Garmin 60CSx for years and it's still going strong. The mount for my TomTom works fine so I haven't go the route of getting a RAM mount for it as of yet.
You can get velcro for automobiles (designed to adhere to vinyl dashboards) in strips of small (3/4") squares. I use them to hold my GPS receiver to the dash back when my GPS solution was TomTom on a PDA. Worked perfectly. I tried adapting this method to the plastic disc that came with my 730 (using two pieces, side by side), but was unhappy with the result. I finally opted for the Arkon SM012 small beanbag mount that comes with an adhesive-backed hook for the dash. It's a smaller version of the usual bean-bag mount and so far, it's the best solution I've found. :)
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I bought the TomTom bean bag mount. It comes with a hook to hold the mount in place. Will the weight of the mount hold it in place without using the hook? Or do you recommend that I use the hook as a safety precaution. I am trying to avoid putting the adhesive on my car.
Yeah, it'll stay in place without the hook for most driving, but I can imagine off-road or winding roads being a challenge for it. I put the hook on my dash, but I keep the mount put away, hoping thieves won't realize what the hook is for.

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