Bought an adhesive disk, is it sure?

May 14, 2008
Hello everyone!

I bought an adhesive disk to put my TomTom 720 on my dashboard, but I don't know how safe those disks are... Will the disk 'stay' there?

Is this one: SKPAD Adhesive disk SKP-AUTO-PST


Personally I like more to have TomTom on the dashboard but I don't know if a 3M tape is OK... And also, will it leave a mark in the dashboard if I ever decide to take it off?

My girldfriend is using a NAV-U53 from Sony and she can dock the GPS to the dashboard because of the suction cup, it has like some kind of silicone and it sticks nice to the dashboard.

Thanks for the answers in advance and excuse my english but I'm spanish :(


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