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Feb 15, 2022
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I’ve just got a Tomtom 6100 in used but apparently mint condition. It navigates fine but what concerns me is the start up time- whilst from sleep it’s almost instantaneous from ‘turned off’ it takes about 2 minutes 15 sec before it can be used. Is this normal?
Yes, it may well be normal if the device has not been connected to TomTom for a while.

If a GPS receiver is 'cold' started, and without any current information stored about satellite constellation location, it takes a while for the device to get some information from one satellite (the 'almanac') to see where all of them currently reside in the sky - necessary to establishing your location.

A connection to TomTom's server should provide your device with a file that gives your device a heads up in advance of that information so that it does not have to wait for almanac data from a satellite. It used to be called the QuickGPSFix file, though I don't know if it really even has a name these days. It used to be something that a user would manually download once a week or so (the files get stale after a while due to inaccurate orbital information). Now it's automatic as we understand it.

Have you downloaded a copy of MyDrive for your device yet?
Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve updated via MyDrive and also installed a smaller map on the device rather than sd card. On the advice of Tomtom support I’ve done a full factory reset - this has brought start up time down to less than 2 minutes but according to Tomtom soppier it should be 30 - 60 seconds.
I would also expect something closer to 30-60. I assume we're really talking about when the chevron that indicates your position changes from gray to blue?
Can you describe a bit about where the vehicle is parked overnight?
Ive just started mine up for the first time in about 4 years and it took about 10 mins to get going with everything

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