May be worth checking which cameras are installed (GO 6100)

Jul 30, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
GO 950 Live - TomTom GO 6100
Tried to update cameras but failed so after waiting a new update (323 MB) shows to fix cameras not showing correctly on some devices. Install this but the previous failed camera update is no longer available.

Checking cameras with MyDrive shows only Denmark is installed and not the local country ones.

Have corrected this on mine and posting this in case your local country ones are not installed.
The latest speed camera update has been rolled back so that the hotfix 16.102 can be made available on the server to address some significant issues that application 16.1 caused.
Thanks for that. The hotfix uninstalled all camera files with the exception of Denmark

Seems you can uninstall the 4MB Pan Europe Camera Option, then install the single Country you need.

So far, the 3 MB update has taken 17 to 20 minutes to download and install, the single Country updates are around 500 KB so quicker.
Yes, with so many users hitting the server at the same time for this hot-fix, it's pretty slow going today.

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