Next time maybe they will send me a whole uint

Nov 24, 2009
Sorry this is long but I believe it's worth reading.....:eek:

I sent my Rider 2 in because it was having problems with the blue tooth phone connection. When I sent it in I didn't take off the lanyard that goes on the unit since I figured I would get the same one back. I also didn't take out the memory chip.

They sent me a new/re-ferb unit that now works ok with my phone but there was no lanyard attached or a memory card.

They told me to buy a card for the Rider and they set me up to download the LATEST version of the map. That was cool for sure.

But what about the lanyard??? Support says they will send me one. A day or so later I get an e-mail that the replacement has been shipped and will need a signature when I get it. I call them and ask why do I have to sign for a lanyard????

READY FOR THIS!!!!! They tell me that the lanyard is part of the set and they have to send the whole thing. OK........

Today I get the package, didn't have to sign for it (shipping must have messed up) and guess what was in the box???

A whole complete new RAM motorcycle mounting kit PLUS the docking port!!!!!!!! NO LANYARD!!!!!!:mad:

The lanyard was part of the Rider 2 package NOT the RAM mount..........eheheheh...

Now question is.......should I tell them that I still need the lanyard and they will send me a TomTom Rider 2 because that's the only way it can be shipped?? ha ha ha........

I believe this one will expire as is and I'll make my own lanyard and have a total replacement of the RAM and docking port if I ever need them.

I WIN......:D
I agree... You win!!!

I had a similar problem with my Rider V1. The customer service rep said "Put everything in the box because none of it will work with the V2". So into the box goes everything (car mount included). I get the replacement with no car mount (which for the V2 was about $80). It only took 3more calls to get one for free... I had to explain my version of "everything" a few times; I guess it's not the same as their version of the word.

Ride safe!!!
Sounds familiar....

I got my first R2 in Dec 07 and it wouldnt function in the cold. This I found out only after a few weeks, as of course we cant ride bike here in Canada at that time of year. I was learing how to use it, playing around with it in the car when I soon discovered it would go all "goofy" in the cold.

Support agreed right away that it was a faulty device, and stated to send the unit and the card back (not really sure why the card, but....).

So, I get a nice new R2 and NO card. Email support and they said a new card was on its way. About a week later I get a card for an R1. I phone them and advise of the error and that I would really like my original card back because I had it all set up the way I wanted. Another week goes by and what do I recieve?...Yet another R1 card!!. Took a couple of more phone calls before I finally got the proper R2 card. I then recieved a phone call from TT support, maybe a month later and they apologized for the screw-ups and asked if the latest map version for free would make me happy. Even though I was not unhappy at any point (for the most part) I said that would be great. My original map was a v667 (I think) and the upgraded me to the latest at that time, the v675 if I remember.

Since then, I have had no problems at all with my Rider, and have riden my bike in the last 2 years over 75,000km with the Rider2 on it.


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