New TomTom Go 6100 - My Experiences

Feb 19, 2012
United Kingdom
TomTom Model(s)
Go 6100 Go Live 820
Ordered the Go 6100 to replace my Go Live 820, and received it today. I chose this model because of the size of the screen, but mainly the Lifetime Maps, Speed Cams & Traffic.

My first impressions are that it is very big, much lighter than I imagined, a little slow to start up, but touch screen is very responsive.

Just linked it to my current account and updating, which from previous post takes a few hours. I will report my experiences after that, off for some dinner.
I upgraded from the 825 to 610 reason I went 610 instead of 6100 was worry that the sim support ends and traffic stops. ANYway looking at the new 6200 and passing mine to the other half.
?1 - can see have the car icon swapped to mario kart, i've not seen this option.

?2 - on the 825 you could have poi's shown on the map as your travelled i.e. fuel and also Toilets stops (ok Ronny Macs) etc can this be done on our 610 and newer models

Siddy UK
Also how quick is the sim unit at getting up and running from startup.
Hi thanks for the reply, they remove the useful things, when your working in a area and you your looking for suppliers when you've got them in as POI's you just view your map and pick.

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