4f170 Bridge active map

Dec 25, 2021
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4f170 Bridge
Does anyone know how to change the active map on this device? (Bridge)
The Europe map with all countries is currently installed. In the list of other countries it is impossible to make a choice, they are all inactive.

I only want to use a few countries. And I'll free up some storage space

I realize that this navigator is not intended for the casual car user. I bought it for myself due to my employment as a truck driver.
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It is not possible to reduce the map if the device is now connected to Webfleet. Any edit (see below) will cause the application to fail a special version of a checksum.

If it is still connected to TomTom, there is a way to do it, but it requires the editing of the update-locations file with a bunch of 'excludes' statements. You must first determine the names of the map segments that are normally included in your map build, and then exclude them.

If you wish to risk it, here is a snippet of what 'excludes' look like in the update-locations file. Just be SURE that you keep a safe copy of your original update-locations file somewhere before you try this:

"schema": "2",
"uris": [
{ "uri": "https://bridge-files.tomtom.com/betatest/build/device.production.m/package-list.system" },
{ "uri": "https://bridge-files.tomtom.com/betatest/content/package-list.content.north-america.nds" },
{ "uri": "https://download-tls.tomtom.com/bri...ge-list.content.north-america.alabama.exclude" },
{ "uri": "https://download-tls.tomtom.com/bri...list.content.north-america.alabama-3d.exclude" },
{ "uri": "https://download-tls.tomtom.com/bri...age-list.content.north-america.alaska.exclude" },
{ "uri": "https://download-tls.tomtom.com/bri...ge-list.content.north-america.alberta.exclude" },

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