XXL 550 US Fuel Prices.

Nov 29, 2007
New Mexico
TomTom Model(s)
XXL 550
I just got a XXL 550. It will not load Fuel Prices. Gets an error saying there is a gas price for a station which is not on my map. I have App 9.161 and map 870.3420. As far as I can tell they are current. TomTom tech support has spent several long sessions with me and not helped. Last time they said they would call back in 5 hrs. It has been two days. Anyone else having this problem?
I've not had it recently, but I have definitely had it in the past (in the UK).

I must admit I'm hazy about how I fixed it., but it was probably by deleting all the fuel price downloads from the relevant folder on the PC (C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\fuelprice)
just waiting for them to sort it at the server end with a fresh version.
Those are the things they had me do. It has been over a week and I still have the problem. Wouldn't that be long enough for them to have updated the fuel prices?
My XL350M has map 865.3254. The 550 has map 870.3420. Xl350M loads fuel prices fine. 550 does not. Also 550 did not have some POI's that the 350 does?? Did the map load bad, or is it a bad map? If I get the new map and it is still bad can I just copy the old map folder to replace it?
Different TomTom models have different capabilities and different map versions are produced to suit.

For example, some will have the extra files for speech recognition, or forAdvanced lane guidance / Reality View etc.

AFAIK, the fuel prices is a subscription service. do you have it on both machines?
Also there there may be a free trial period, has that run out on one?

Sizes of the POI files go up and down depending on how much map detail they are trying to squeeze into a given space.

Have a look at this sticky topic, where member Arno, has been posting the larger POI files for several map versions.
NA larger poi/crpoi dat files

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