XXL 550, Unable to enter GPS Coordinates

Aug 12, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
550 XXL TM
Good evening, I just purchased a TomTom 550-TM XXL, and was starting to enter my saved address favorites from my old unit which several were entered with GPS Lat / Long coordinates and discovered I cannot find how to enter the Latitude / Longitude GPS coordinates into my new Tom Tom. I am wondering if anyone has found this out with the 550 and if there is a patch / fix available or coming soon.:confused: Several campgrounds are now giving GPS Coordinates to locate rather than addresses so I definately need a unit that can do this. Thanks.
Welcome to TTF.

You have bought a model so new to Canada, it's not even listed on the Canadian TomTom website. It comes with 'EasyMenu' which is simplified. Some (including me :cool: ) call it 'dumbed down'.

You are seeing one reason why........

A patch? Maybe. Will it include the lat/long option, I don't think so.

My initial suggestion would be return it, spend a few more bucks and get a 540 model. It has that option plus lots more things a 550 doesn't.
Thank you very much for the quick reply !:) That's what I was afraid of while starting to transfer my addresses over, I was just on a trip through the US and my old GPS receiver quit working, so I purchased my Tom Tom at a Costco in Washington State. I'm from Alberta, and we have a Costco here, I'm not sure what models they carry, but I thought I would give a try to loading all the current updates in my new Tom Tom tonight and see if hopefully an update had the feature I wanted, but no luck. My next thing is to call Tom Tom support to see what they can come up with, I assumed all GPS had the ability to enter coordinates, but now I've learned something new, unfortunately that is something that is or is not clearly stated on the packaging. I looked up the 540 and it definately has the features I want. Hopefully the Costco here has that model available and I can trade up if I can't get the solution needed from Support. I do like navigating with the Tom Tom and would like to make it work.

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