Which XXL Units Feature "Night Mode?"

Jul 24, 2011

I currently do not have a TomTom GPS (or any GPS).

What are the main differences between the XXL 540 S and XXL 540 T units?

I saw a video clip on You Tube of the S unit, and the demonstration showed the unit switching to NIGHT mode when it gets dark.

That?s a feature I would definitely want. Is that available in all of the XXL units? If not, which XXL units does it come in?

Also: When using the voice feature, does the unit use the Metric system, or US measurements, i.e. feet, yards, miles, etc.?

Thank you.
J. Danniel
The only difference between the XXL 540S and the XXL 540T models is that the T model includes a lifetime traffic receiver.

Essentially, all XXL 540 models are the same, but the T models include lifetime traffic, the M models include lifetime maps, and the TM models include both.

So, all the XXL 540 models include night mode. In fact, I'm pretty sure all newer models include this feature.

As for the voice, you can set what kind of units you want to use.
Be aware that night mode can mean two different things.
Older models had a light sensor in them so could progressively dim the screen and/or switch to a darker map colour scheme as it got dark.

All the recent models have scrapped that hardware and just switch to the night colour schem at a certain time of day (there is a set of data for "time of dusk" programmed in.

Unfortunately this means that the display dimming feature is no longer there, so there is no adjustment if you go under trees or into a tunnel, which used to be very useful.
Oh, and by the way... You said right at the top of your first post in the other topic "I have a pre-sales question or two, if I may, please."
Just checking.... You don't think we are TomTom company representatives, do you?
We are just owners and users with an interest in the subject and this forum has no official connection with the company at all.
I just thought I should make that clear!

I understand that you and others are not necessarily employees of TomTom, yes.

On some user forums similar to this, there is a separate "Pre-Sales" area for people who are considering buying a particular product. It's sort of like a "heads up" to let people know the person posting the message is a prospective buyer, not an actual owner of the product--yet. I just put the term PRE-SALES in the header out of habit.

And thanks again for the information.
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