Which models have-built in sim and can import custom POIs.

Aug 26, 2023
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TomTom Model(s)
Just bought a Go Navigator 7" from Halfords as the filter said it had built in sim and didn't need to connect to a smart phone. It does!! I'm returning it. How do I find out which models do have a built in sim card.

Also, I'm upgrading as my Go 500 doesn't switch on anymore and on that model I could import custom POIs. I've just found out the one I'm returning cannot import POIs.

Which models are like my Go 500 which have a built in sim and can import POIs?

Thanks. What a backward step as I have to pay for roaming in the EU. Do you know if you can still send routes from the MyDrive app to the unit? I do this as I can make a custom route with a 90kph speed limit and get a better route for my campervan. My Go500 always goes to motorways to get to my destination fast but adds on many more KMs to the route.
None of the current generation supports custom POIs. Sad, but true. I'm lucky to have older TT devices that are still in good shape. For those of us who require that feature, it's necessary to carefully search the secondhand TT market or switch to Garmin.
I just cancelled go exclusive when I figure out I need my phone data connected all the Time. If I wanted to do this I would use my phone navigation instead of buying tomtom. Anyway I stick to my old 5100.

I think go premium x is the last one with built simcard.

What a pitty
I've checked YouTube real videos of latest go series.
When you plan your route with live services on and you loose data connection while crossing border it will cancell entire router on Tomtom.

Also other reviews are same issue. Lost data on mobile phone results in cancelled route.

Entering menu, result in cancelled route.

There is even London review where old units shows better route, opened route where latest one insist on same version map, there is closed route.

Latest series from tomtom are completely useless in my opinion.

If I wanted phone dependent satnav I would use my phone instead.
If you have planned a route the only thing you lose is live traffic information.
If you have planned a route the only thing you lose is live traffic information.
Take a look at YouTube video what's happening to latest series. For X reason.

I am not talking about phone tethering disconnection. Only about the signal on the phone while keep connections to the tomtom.

It just cancell for X number of people routes.

Its not just 1 review. Many people complained.

Glad I have cancelled order. Absolutely useless.

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