What is the best 'LIVE' unit for UK & ROI only

Dec 31, 2013

I'm new to this forum, I'm about to purchase a 'TomTom' LIVE refurb. I only want UK/ROI. I have been looking at the 'Go 1000 Live' and the 'Via 120 LIVE' the 'Go 825M WEU, 825EU & 825 HDT EU.

I only travel in the UK, but commute to & from my home in Suffolk to several (both long & short) destinations, and I frequently come across 'diversions'. I especially want a unit that will provide an alternative route in the event, and also 'LIVE' traffic info.

I basically want advice on what is my best option.

Please can anyone advise me.

Many thanks.


Have a look around to see if there are any GO 820M Live units around. It's a decent performer, offering Live traffic, and just the regional map you are requesting. The 825M versions will include full European maps and will likely come at a small premium as a result. Be SURE that when you buy a refurbished unit that it's from a source that assures you that the requisite code for enabling the lifetime map subscription is definitely part of the deal. We've seen 'refurb' units that did NOT get the refurb job done at TomTom where the unit had been previously registered by the original owner, and where the email/password necessary were not provided.

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