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Dec 24, 2014
<img src="/styles/default/custom/flags/gb.png" alt="United Kingdom" /> United Kingdom
i am starting on taxi i live in northumberland and need a satnav that tells me streets and house numbers is any voice activated thank a lot
The difference between the 500/600 and 5000/6000 units are how they obtain traffic data. The 500/600 use your phone as a 'tethered' device to get the traffic data from TomTom. The 5000/6000 units have their own internal cell modems for doing this. Which you choose would depend upon whether you can get a decent deal from your cellular carrier for tethered data use of your phone. The actual data used isn't all that much for traffic, and if I understand the area you'll be servicing correctly, it shouldn't be nearly as much as in a major city. Metro NuT/Gateshead area is about the biggest city you'd be working, correct?
I work like cab driver in London
I need help
Wright now I used an Garmin device nuvi 2598 lmt D with live traffic .
Yesterday "beautiful" Garmin fail down :(
Probably it is necessary to buy a new satnav and I need an advice. I wish the best satnav for a driver in London, with the best results for live traffic, 5inch, and cheap, cheap,.,. price

When I say best results for live traffic means I am totally unsatisfied what offer me my actual Garmin in the last year, maybe I find something better.
Excuse for my English, it is not my mother language......
Here is a link to TomTom products. Only you candecide what is 'cheap, cheap'. After all, it is your livelihood, isn't it?

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