Best Case that will Hold Sat Nav & Mount

Feb 19, 2012
United Kingdom
TomTom Model(s)
Go 6100 Go Live 820
Hi Guys,

Have upgraded from my Tom Tom Go Live 820 to the Tom Tom 6100, just wondering if anyone can recommend a case that will hold the SatNav as well as the mount?

My GO 600 uses the same magnetic cradle mount as yours.
I leave it permanently attached to the windscreen.

I have not heard of any cases of break in to cars just to steal the mount.
On the whole, leaving the mount where it is will very likely keep it from becoming fussy about staying put in the future. Roughing up the edges and contaminating the surface of the suction device is what would (eventually) keep the mount from adhering to the windscreen properly. So it's good that you've decided to leave it.

Case is nice for removal of the unit from the vehicle, but if you can slide your 6100 into the glove box without running into anything much more than paperwork, the case really isn't necessary. These things are tough, but then again, I don't know what you keep in your glove box!
Thank you, decided to go with the case for just the Sat Nav.

Is it quite easy to replace the mount in case of worst case scenario? Is it cheap? I'm sure i saw they ranged for £30-£50.
So far, I've found this generation of mount plenty sturdy. About the only way to kill one is to have it keep dropping in a way that yanks the USB micro-B connection on it. micro-B isn't very tolerant of mechanical abuse.

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