Best Tomtom for Europe

Jul 1, 2010
South of South Island NZ
TomTom Model(s)
One XL
We are planning a trip to UK Europe again in 2014.
This will most likely mean picking up a car in Paris for 75 days, and travelling through France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.

We have a One XL (2007) with Central and Western Europe, however this does not include France.
We could buy another map which includes France, or we could look at buying another Tomtom that has all of Europe in one map.

We live in NZ and travel to Australia, and have those maps on a 2 gig SD card, the largest SD card our Tomtom will take. So we can not include the Eastern Europe maps on the same card as our Central Western Europe maps.

Any pointers are welcome.

Late to the party, but I'm surprised that your Western or Central Europe map doesn't include France. I have had many versions of map called "Western Europe" and they have all included France.

It *is* also possible to put a 4GB SD card in your existing TomTom. However it needs to be a standard vanilla SD card and NOT the much more common SDHC technology which nearly all "SD" cards are now.
Tomtom have never admitted they work, but I have installed several on my own and friends units with no problems.
Ditto. I carry a similarly sized map on my old GO 720 units, and France has always been part of my "Western_and_Central_Europe_2GB" map that is on the unit's SD card.

To the OP. Can you identify the exact name of your European map folder?

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