What happened to my 1XL

Nov 8, 2009
I got a [refurbished] 1XL . Its warranty period is over. Here's what happened - everything was working fine and all - and then one day - I cant turn it on. The little green light is showing it has charge and power, but alas the screen is black and there is no sound.

So I put it down for a few months. Alas, now it works. The screen started right up as if it never had a problem.

I'm at a loss here. Apparently its "healed" itself? But what went wrong? Can I trust it now? Is this a software issue? Or is it mechanical? Nothing rattling inside it however. I had some "free" voice downloads and some payware as well - was this the culprit? It "died" thirty days after using the new voices.

Well, I'm staying with Susan now.

any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Make sure you have a full Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents. Ensure hidden files/folders are showing.

Also make sure the unit has a full battery charge when you want to use it.
Liking a mechanical issue since its (to the best of my knowledge) not a software issue. Although its very odd its "healed" itself.

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