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Apr 18, 2024
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I just installed Go Navigation on my car's Android head unit, still searching for something more readable than Google Maps. In setting things up, I came across an odd thing when downloading (or trying to download) voices. I'm in the US, so have set units to miles as opposed to kilometers. I tried to download a couple of voices that had a US flag next to them, so assumed they were appropriate for my use. Got an error message that they were incompatible with my selected measurements (miles). And yet, I'm currently using a UK voice that seems to work just fine. A bit of a head-scratcher...

Also, very confused by the "channels" method of controlling voice volume. I had to just pause my music since I couldn't hear directions. From some Google searches, there was apparently a volume slider at one point. Not sure who's bright idea it was to delete that feature. Any recommendations on which channel is loudest? I've tried a couple but they seem about the same to these aged ears.

Thanks for any light you can shed.
The GO Navigation app is meant for mobile phones and not tested on built-in head units.
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