Via turns itself on randomly since upgrade

Dec 17, 2007
Hi there,

This is an odd one: Since I installed the latest software version over the weekend, my Via has gotten into the habit of sometimes turning itself on when I start the car. But not always. It seems totally random - on Sunday it turned itself on every time that I started the car, and then yesterday it didn't twice but did once. I can't figure out any pattern to it whatsoever, it just sometimes seems to decide to turn itself on when I start the car.

(Note that I keep my Via pligged in all the time in order to use the live traffic updates, so clearly that's how it would be able to tell that the car has started.)

It's not really a problem, per se, it's just rather odd. If it was completely consistent and always turned itself on, that would actually be less befuddling. :) Anybody else encountering this?

Edited to add: I'm not sure I was clear above, so just to add details: If the unit is off and I start the car, it sometimes just turns itself on at that point, as opposed to waiting for me to hit the power switch.

That model is supposed to have the option of auto power on and auto power off. Look at the preferences-->Battery Savings selections.

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