via 120 stuck at 99% on update

Feb 25, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
via 120
I was given a tomtom via 120 resgistered to mytomtom connected sat nav to computer tomtom recognised deviced said needed updates ran update which got to 99% no time left then just hung there disconnected from computer now when connect just hangs computer doesnt see sat nav when switch sat nav on all get is picture og cog then picture of sat nav with red cross in middle saying if connected to computer then comes up picture sat nav with red cross in middle cable connecting to computer arrow toolbox with started underneath.Have had unit connected to computer for 2 hours plus with unit switched off assume charging but no lights showing to confirm have done reset but doesnt work.

Please help
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Try resetting the unit once more by holding the power button till you hear the drum sounds.

Also do this:
1. Reboot the computer
2. Clear the cache in the desktop icon of MyTomTom
3. Make sure you are using a wired connection, not wireless
4. Ensure that a firewall or anti-virus (especially Kapersky or Nod32) is not blocking transmission
Always happens to me using my VIA 120. BUT if you notice when updating it is usually shows stuck on 99% "DOWNLOADING". At this stage it is not INSTALLING the new software update (Green progression bar is shown). Answer, when known to be stuck at 99% in "DOWNLOAD" mode simply disconnect your TomTom and switch off. Then reboot your computer again. When fully rebooted reconnect your TomTom USB connection cable. MyTomTom will detect your update and will automatically then INSTALL the software update(Orange progression bar will now be shown in installing mode). This has always worked for me. On completion you can check your update version of your TomTom in settings. Dont fret.:)

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