USA Maps for TomTom GO on iphone13 ?

Sep 7, 2023
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I live in the UK but I'm travelling to the USA soon for a visit. I would like a nav app for my iPhone 13 ProMax to avoid paying for nav in the hire car. If I subscribe to TomTom Go what maps come with it, and at what cost? Can I download a USA map for use offline in the car (I do not want mobile data on in the USA because of cost)? Are the USA maps expensive? Is this the best option for offline nav in the usa? I've tried the TomTom website but find it difficult to find anything about this.
Buy the Tomtom GO application on Iphone for 19.99 eur you can download the world maps and navigate offline in the United States.
Thanks. Do you know how much memory the USA map takes up? Is there an extra cost for the USA map?
For the United States, there are several map areas, so you only download the areas you need.

No, there is no additional cost for the United States Card.

For information, the application is the maps are downloaded only to the phone's memory.

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