Hawaii maps in USA & Canada Maps?

Feb 1, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
GO750 Australia
When looking to purchase Hawaii maps for upcoming trip I see that the USA maps specifies that it covers Hawaii, but the USA_Canada map does not specially say that or indicate that it covers all States. I will be going back to Canada one day so the combined map may be handy.

I have a Go 750 Australia and SD card fitted which with the storage capacity for 955.

Can anyone please advise if the USA_Canada map covers Hawaii? I have also read that I would need the "P" version for alphanumeric addresses.
I recently (map 945) took my 1605 with me to Kauai and had no issues with coverage using the USA/Can map. There was one goofy map error that kept trying to route me through a local community college off the main drag, but the island was definitely mapped!

Your address situation definitely depends upon which island you're on. I was surprised to discover that Kauai maintains a 'normal' continental street address system.
Many thanks canderson. It is Kauai where I will be doing most of the driving, and I know that there are not that many roads, but having my TT along for the ride is like Linus and blanket. :cool:

I am still working on the wife in regard to Oahu (not Waikiki).
For some reason, my Kauai map update requests remain pending. Tells me that they don't have anyone there to confirm. I'd volunteer!

Here's the funny one:

For some reason, all traffic westbound on Kaumualii is diverted at the point noted at the east end of the campus onto Kauai Communiity College, through the campus, and back to Kaumualii Hwy on the west end of the campus. Also, for what it's worth, Kauai Community College isn't the correct street name. It's called Nuhou St on the east end of the campus (where marked), and Puhi Rd at the west end of the campus.

-159.38793, 21.96972
I will not need to purchase the maps for a few months yet, so perhaps you will get back to Kauai to advise corrections to the maps by then. :)
If you're headed from the airport down to the south end of the island (e.g., Poipu), you'll run across that silly item above. Then you can add your correction mine and add another 'incident' report for the problem.

I'm actually surprised that they haven't already corrected this since it's no doubt a simple error in turn restriction that would be obvious -- not allowing a straight path through the intersection to keep you on the highway.

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