Brand new Tomtom xl 340 s unusable, no maps found, help!

Jun 15, 2010
I am moving to LA in a few days and thought a GPS would be a necessary addition to my driving, particularly since I've never been.

Well my new xl 340 s came today in the mail and I plugged the device into my computer to download the necessary updates and files. In the midst of installing the newest map my macbook went to sleep, when I woke it back up the entire operation had completely frozen. I had to restart my computer and when I went back in to finish the install it said I didn't have enough memory on the device, even though I obviously do. So after trawling the forums I treated the device like a normal USB and just clicked and dragged the map file from the downloads right to my Tomtom. That didn't work. What is next? I have a macbook so all the windows fixes are a little unhelpful, I'd appreciate any help.

I'm really regretting my purchase and about to consider this $140 gone. I will never buy a product from Tomtom again because I will certainly need a GPS in LA and will be buying from a different company.


Did you manage to do a back up?

I see you have 2 options...

1. its within 7 days of purchase, so you can return it as Dead on Arrival and get a replacement unit.

2. If you delete EVERY file from the 340 and then connect it to tomtom home it will tell you that you need to load the latest software and it will take you through the process...

PS... don't be afraid to delete EVERY file.. the tomtom memory must be completely EMPTY

Option 2 works perfectly... once you have the application installed it will tell you to load the map..

Doing it this way means you also have to manually load voices, speed cameras, etc etc, but you end up with a very clean install

Hope this helps...
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No maps found, not enough memory - fixed

I had the exact same issue.

Called TomTom support and they were very helpful.

Here is what I had to do (Windows XP):

Your device should be connected to your computer. Don't let your PC go into sleep mode or screen saver mode because this will interrupt the update and you will have the same problem.

Close out of TomTom Home
Look in the Task Bar and if you see the TomTom icon (2 red hands), right click it and select EXIT
Go to My Computer and locate the TomTom drive (device plugged into the computer)
Double-click it and find the maps folder. Right click the maps folder (it will start with USA_Canada) and delete it
Go to My Documents>TomTom>HOME
Right Click over the Download folder and delete it
Right click over the FromDevice folder and delete it
Restart TomTom Home - you should see map updates now and be able to update the maps

Be patient, copying the files to the device takes a while and it doesn't look like the status bar is moving but it actually is.

Everything works fine now.

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