Brand new TomTom 2005 Go Live Europe bricked because of update.

May 13, 2012
United Kingdom
TomTom Model(s)
Go Live 1005 Europe
Hi all,

Today i bought this sat nav brand new and all was working, until i tried to update it.
Downloaded the MyTomTom software onto my mac and registered it.
Told me there was a map update available which i downloaded (took a while :) )
Then it started to install it to the say nav and it froze with 16:26 mins remaining. i left it for a couple of hours and came to the conclusion that it had frozen. So i gave the unit a reset (held down the power button for 30 ish seconds).
I now get map not found, insert a memory card to install a map or conenct to mytomtom.
So i jumped on here and saw all the problems others were having.
So now i have jumped on my wifes windows 7 laptop, disabled av and firewall, installed the mytomtom software again and redownloaded the supposed update map, again it attempts to install it to the unit, starts at about 16:35 mins, starts counting down but freezes at 16:26 again. Tried lots of hard resets always the same thing.
Been at this for hours :mad: Tried everything i can find on here but no joy, just wondering if anyone has any ideas before i get my money back and go for something else.

Thanks in advance :)

well would you believe it, after sitting at 16:26 minutes remaining it has started counting down again and the maps have installed. Came up ok. Been at this all get a chance to try it tomorrow :)
Here's the problem .....

It's a bug in the display timer on the desktop MyTTSA, not in the actual downloading/installing of the maps.

The secret, as you've found out, is patience ....... lots of it.

And (hopefully he said), TT will have this latest glitch solved for the next map download.

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