Update maps on TomTom XXL

Sep 22, 2010
I just got my tomtom XXL today and was gonna update my maps. i saw that the newest map is 2.3GB and my memory is only 2gb :O

Is there any way i can get the Newest map thats UNDER 2gb? and will i ever be able to update my maps again due to the memory issue?

You can install zones of the European map to get installed on your unit.

What may happen when you go for the upgrade is the entire map gets installed on the computer but only the zone you selected gets installed on the unit.

When you wish to switch zones, you go to Manage my Device in Home, Items on Device, Maps. you'll see a link to 'change zone'. If you click that, a new screen opens showing what zone(s) are installed and you can select a different zone to get installed on the unit.

It may require the existing zone to be moved from the unit to the computer. Home offers to do that but I'd trust Explorer to do it instead.
aah so i just download the map from HOME and i should be able to choose a zone automaticly?

Will try it out when i get home :)

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