Understanding SDHC and INTERNAL files

Feb 18, 2010
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:confused: I have the Go 630 app. 8.351 V855.2884. I still have a prolem understanding and manipulating the numerous files found on the J drive in my SDHC card and the K drive of the internal memory. What file(s) icon is just strictly the maps? In my case I just want to keep the SDHC for the (in my case) the North America maps. When I open the SDHC or Internal folder in "My Computer" I see a number of files North America in both the J and K drive. What is the actual downloaded North America called and since I seem to have a number of them on both drives which is the actual 2 GB map? When I do find it can I just drag it to the SDHC and drag everything else to the internal? Some quidance would be appreciated. Thanks !
The North_America_2gb should be the name of the folder for the map and it can reside on either the sdhc card OR internal BUT there should not be files with the same North_America residing in both places UNLESS you have, for some reason, a North_America map installed in both locations.

Use Explorer and look in the NA map folder on the sdhc card for a file with the extension . of .pna. It's a text file and one row in there shows the map version number.

If you also have a NA map on internal, do the same.

Also, use Home's Manage my Device, device tab, map and see what it says.

Then switch to computer tab, map and see what it isays.
Thanks dhn for the fast response. A few months ago when I started getting updates in TT Home downloads all of a sudden they went to both the internal and SD card at the same time even though I only wanted the internal.
I will check it out and look for what you said. I seem to have duplicate files in both places. To clean up the situation of duplication and isolating the North_America_2gb .pna map what's the best way to clean up my Go 630 so I only have maps on the SDHC card? Thanks for the previous info it helps a lot. I want to clean up the TT 630 because there's file folders all over the place. Can I take it that the North_America_2gb .pna as you described above is the total NA maps and can I move it if I had to? Sorry for all the questions but I am interested in the internal workings of the TomTom. Are folders andfiles basically the same for the other TT models? Well enough questions, thanks for a response to the above, you obviously know the system very well. Thanks for putting up with my limited knowledge and I hope you can explain at least a portion of my need for knowledge !!
Yes, there is a bug in Home that causes files to be written to the sd when you wanted internal or vice versa or both!!

Anyway, the .pna file is NOT the entirety of the NA map folder, it is only 1 file in the North America map folder.

If you are seeing an instance of the North_America.pna file **outside** of the North_America map folder, it shouldn't be there.

Have you made backups of your unit's contents? If so, delete everything on the sdhc card and copy back from the backup ONLY the North_America map folder (and its contents, of course) to the sdehc card.

Remove any map folder on internal.

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