Unblocked road over bridge not used

Mar 7, 2024
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After tens years they finally rebuild the bridge near my home, and it is free for car traffic once more (you could always walk and bike over the old wooden structure).

Now I unblocked the road on both sides of the bridge in my tomtom, but it still calculates all routes taking a 10 km detour. How can I prevent that from happening?
I did that, but I would prefer my tomtom uses that road now, instead of waiting for an update. It is not that it a new road, it is an existing route that had traffic limited for a few years
Even back in the 'good old days' where it was possible to do limited 'local' editing of certain map data ON the device, it wasn't possible to unblock a blocked section of road. It was only possible to flag a road as blocked. Get your update in as quickly as you can on the MSR as Willy suggests and hope it gets picked up sooner rather than later.
Just ignore the Tomtom and ride where you want, Tomtom instructions are only a suggestion. The Tomtom gps has no eyes but you do!
Well got an update yesterday of my TomTom (both software and map), but the bridge is still not in use, probably going to take another year or so

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