Unable to connect with TomTom

Try doing a pin reset on the unit. Then reconnect the unit to the dock and see if the problem is resolved.
still unable to connect Gps to Tom Tom

Did a pin reset but the problem persists. It gives an error trying to connect c TomTom.

In fact I cannot connect to the website from my home or my office computer. Does anybody has this problem?
I have Norton 360 firewall on. Windows firewall off.
Turned off 360 firewall and the problem continues.

Any idea???

The same happens in my office.
Can you give me the TomTom support phone number ?
The North American toll free number is 1-866-486-6866. I don't know if that works from P.R.
Saludos Antonio,,si estas en PR .tambien estoy teniendo el problema con Dmax....Que has logrado....Gracias...
unable to connect to computer

After downloading an update to my GO 720 at the end of April (unusual update because it said it would restart the GPS after downloading, never done that before) the unit has not been able to connect to the computer. It will work after a reset, but not connect to my computer. However I have managed a work around. First, try to log into the computer through the docking unit. When it asks if you want to connect to the computer, say Yes. This is where my GPS dies. I then use the reset button (hold down for at least 25 seconds. TomTom service advice) then replace it on the docking unit. I then restart the unit it connects to TomTom Home straight away and I can check for updates. Heck of a workaround. I blame it on the software update. But who knows. Hope that helps.
Try uninstalling the application and then reinstall it. Disconnect the unit PROPERLY from the computer (Home-->Device disconnect). Do another pin reset. Connect to the dock again. Does it go through the entire process this time?

If not, perhaps some information here may help.

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