Turbo Routing on 1530/1535

Mar 5, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
Does anyone kow if the VIA 1530/1535TM has an option called TURBO ROUTING. i noticed that the GO2535 has this feature but not sure if it is now "standard". What does it do?
Part of the mapping is a file containing thousands of pre-planned routes already worked out. What it means is that when you plan a trip, say, from Boston to some other city, the routing will be offered quite quickly. Planning a trip from your house to, say, Fenway Park, won't be as noticeable from a speed point of view.

I honestly don't know if mid-range models (like Vias) have this functionality. Others who do know may pop into this thread.
I have a Via 1535 equivalent (it's actually a Via 135) sitting here in front of me as I type. It most definitely makes use of the new pre-planned routing (didn't know they were calling it 'turbo').
I remember some press releases or similar about the "pre-calculated" routes when the new NAV3 models first came out. Stuff like it needing a week on a super-computer to do all the calculations.

At the time I thought it was implemented on all NAV3 models (which would include the VIAs) but I've no firm evidence to support that.

A simple experiment might solve the mystery........
We need someone with a Go2535 and someone with a VIA 1530 to try calculating an identical (long) route, and see if they take the same sort of time.

In fact dnh... Would your Go2535 and Via1605 be near enough to do the comparison?

EDIT - Cross-posted with canderson... looks like we don't need to do the experiment!

The "Turbo" name is new to me too. Sounds like someone has woken up the marketing department again and they are going to have another session of telling everybody about a brand new feature that we've actually had for two years!
The TomTom website is renowned for just putting a random selection of features in the 'blurb' for each model. Just because they don't mention something doesn't neccessarily mean it doesn't have it.

They have NEVER produced a proper comprehensive comparison chart.

Super Mod 'mvl' created one as an Excel spreadsheet for us here. It's at >> Click Here for the Reference Guide << but even that is sadly getting a bit out of date now.
ok. thanks. i noticed the comparision chart says high speed routing (must be turbo routing) but if has a question mark next to the 1535 :) . Thanks for your help. i have an older model 730 so i bet anything is an improvement!
The comparison I ran was between the GO 1535 Live and the Via 1535 (Via 135) and my old GO 740 (Nav2 era). Ran a route to a coffee shop in St. Paul, Minnesota from Longmont, Colorado. In the old days before the pre-route, you'd see the thing chunking along looking at over a million roads for that trip! That's what the 740 still does.
The GO and Via series certainly have it. I'm not sure about the Start series. I have a unit here that can't decide if it is a Via 1605 (US name) or Start 60 (European and other name). It also does the fast routing, taking me to that cafe in St. Paul in a matter of about 4 seconds.
Set up a trip from your home to someplace a bit far away such as my cafe POI in St. Paul, MN. I think you'll find that the 2535 with the pre-calculated runs will blow the doors off the 540. As it calculates, also look at the number of roads being considered in the calculation!

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