Routing issue TT2535

Sep 11, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Go 730 Go 2535
From Beaverton Ontario to Collingwood Ontario the TT route was reasonably accurate (Saturday). I assumed the return trip from Collingwood to Beaverton (Wednesday) would be the reverse. Not a chance. The TT took us to Bayfield St, Barrie which was a busy nightmare of fast food outlets, malls, drive-ins and traffic. The TT then sent us 40 km north on Highway 400/11 to Orillia - then it regained its sanity. It's our fault for not rechecking the route before leaving. No settings, maps etc. on the 2535 were changed. I can't understand TT's spurious routing.


For whatever reason, the IQ routing seemed to provide data for routing a weird way. Let me ask: what application version is on the device? What map version? (The latest is 925 -- 930 due within weeks).

For what it's worth, I know that stretch in Barrie well (every fast food outlet in the known universe). I go to Collingwood often (from Toronto) and always take Innisfil Rd just to avoid Barrie.

Finally, in planning preferences, you do have it set for 'fastest'?

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