TT GO 720- continuous route recalculating

Jul 2, 2012
Perugia - Italy
TomTom Model(s)
GO 720
I have been using a GO 720 since 2007. Yesterday during a trip it had a lot of problems and was recalculating the route every 10 seconds while I was driving on a highway. The arrow was randomly out of the road and the name of the road kept changing or being indicated as “nameless road” . I tried switching it on and off and also resetting to no avail.
Every now and then - and only for a few seconds - it worked correctly and then went back to recalculating the route again and again. However the status bar maintained the correct time of arrival .
I would like to know if others have had this problem and how to fix it. Thanks for any help.
Try using Explorer to delete anything in the ephem folder on the unit and then use the reset hole on the bottom. See if that helps.
Thank you for your reply; I did and after lunch I will drive to see the result. I'm also following the other thread which tells the same problem.
A new gpsquickfix file is now available to replace the faulty one from yesterday. Use Home.
To all mods -- before we recommend further the immediate removal of the ephem data as we have been doing ..

TomTom would like one or more of our users to trap that data for analysis. While we can recommend they pull the file out of the trash can on their PC, it will be easier if we can get users to make a copy of this file first.

So let's see if we can encourage a couple of users to post their files for us to send back. Then we can have the user go ahead and delete it.
I just recovered the folder related to the... culprit quickfix of June 30th. How/where should I post it or send it?
Is there some confusion about what file to attach, canderson? In the other thread, mvl said this:

I have not seen anyone report any problems after installing the Sunday quickgpsfix udpate (version 1341611205).

If anyone still has any problems after the Sunday update, we have arranged a direct contact with TT's programmers. If you still have problems, they have asked to post:
1) your device serial number
2) attach your quickgpsfix file (the \ephem\ file on the Tomtom drive)

We can forward it to the programmers for troubleshooting.

That seems to say that if a user has trouble with the NEW gps file, then the user should post that file here, not the file that seemed to have caused the problem.
To the contrary,

"One of the things I'd like to have from people with this problem is copies of the file in the ephem folder. Has anyone happen to not have kept a copy of that file from an affected device?"

Yes, I would be very happy to pass it along. Can you create a ZIP file from it and attach it here to your message? I cannot recall if you need 10 posts in this forum to do that. If so, we will work something else out.
The folks back in NL would also like to have the meta files that came with it...

You may not have enough posts here to attach. If not, I have left you my email address in a PM so that you can send them directly.
Yeah, sorry canderson. I was unclear. In fact, as you since may have noticed, I have just added my own faulty (I guess) files to a post in the other forum.
I wonder what has become of the OP?
I'm sorry I formatted my internal memory because in my case it wasn't just routing off to the side of the Hwy , and when we were in town it had us traveling way off with no streets even in the old part of town, and when we were going along the river the water was on the wrong side of the road and it kept wanting us to turn left when the street was on the right and river on our left :roll:
Do you have those files?
Do you have those files?

I sent them by email. Do I have to make a resend?
I guess so. Did I make a mistake in my PM about my email address? I will send you another PM. Let me know for certain that you received the PM with the address. It will be

Edit: If your registered email address here is good, you should have also just received an email from me at that account.

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