Totom start flashing red cross

Jun 14, 2016
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" What are the file sizes of the ttsystem and system files on your device? If they copied correctly, should be about 4.2MB and 1.0MB"........yes 4.2 & 1.0

" Whatever you do, let's first make sure that you can find, in the backup you made earlier, a folder called UK&ROI or Western_Europe or similar that contains your map files. You'll know it because it will contain files such as cline.dat, cname.dat and cnode.dat"....All there

So I take it next thing to try is full format & reload



Dec 28, 2007
Colorado, USA
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You never did say what the name of that folder was (UK&ROI or WesternEurope or whatever). Again, be SURE that folder is on your PC before we start the process. Surviving this depends upon it.

Yes, the next step is to format and reload everything.

I don't know what OS you are presently using on your PC, but the next step is to format your device.
I'll assume it's some common version of Windows.

Connect your device to your PC. If Home wakes up, close Home.

Select it, right click on it, and choose "Format"
Use FAT32 (probably the default)
Use 16KB blocks (probably the default)
UNCHECK the "Quick Format" box. You want a full format of your device.
Click "Start"

Once the device is formatted, disconnect it for a few moments and reconnect it. This should cause Home to appear.
If there's going to be any joy here, Home should immediately ask to load firmware to your device. If it does, let it do so.
Once you have that step complete, get back to me and we'll get the copy of your maps reloaded manually.

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