TOMTOM Start 50

Feb 23, 2022
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TomTom Model(s)
Start 50
Hi folks newbie here so be kind ;-)
I've just bought a second hand Start 50,and need to know a couple of things,,,
1, Has it got bluetooth
2,Is it waterproof,i mean just damp not for swimming with ;-)
3,Has anyone ever connected one to a Cardo headset
Thanks in advance, Baza
Sounds like you plan to mount this one to a two wheeler!

1+3: The Start series was one of the most basic offered back in 2014, and did not include the ability to do hands-free or nav instructions over BT audio. Sorry.
2: I wouldn't overdo it.

There was a unit similar to the Start 50 offered as a Rider (I think it was the Rider 40) that was designed for motorcycles back then. Very basic.

I believe the Rider 400 was the minimum in the same of vintage Rider models that meets your requirements. There are, of course, more recent editions as well. In any case, you'll want to stick with the Rider series for motorcycle use.
Thanks for your reply mate,looks like i'll be looking at a Rider 400 ;-)
Cheers Baza

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