GO 1005 freeze on startup - no drum sound

Apr 24, 2022
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GO 1005
My GO 1005 used to work fine. But after a few months not using it, I charged the unit completely and now it freezes on stratup, not even able to get the drum sound... If I hold the power for 20 second it turns off and if I try to restart, it does the same thing over and over. I see the TomTom logo on the left side of the screen but that's it. see picture
There is no reset button on this unit. I'm ready to open it if someone has a clue about what's going on.



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If you hold the power for 20 seconds on startup (not to shut it down), it should eventually bypass the TomTom logo and go to the black and white diagnostic screen. See if it responds to that.
Does MyDrive recognize it when you plug it in to your PC?
If I hold the power after the TomTom logo, it shuts down after a few seconds. I don't get the diagnostic screen.
MyDrive does not see it because the PC does not mount it as a USB device. It use to mount when I was getting the drum sound but I'm not even getting there. Just a logo and nothing else...
Saw your message. Have to run. Hoping dhn pops in with the 'recovery mode' instructions.
Thanks for your help but I can't even get to the recovery screen. After holding the power button for 10 seconds, I can only see the Tomtom logo as pictured above. If I release and hold for another 10 seconds the unit turns off, it never goes to the white screen. I never hear the drum sound whatever button sequence I try. I own this device since many years and I had to use the soft reset every time I was not using the unit for a few weeks. The drum sound was playing and the unit was booting. Now, nothing... just the Tomtom logo, it does not go past that whatever I try.
It is sad but I think this unit is going to the recycling bin! I will never buy another hardware Tomtom device in the future.
Thanks again for your help.
The 1005 was released 12 years ago. Things break.

Just an aside. Your PC isn't supposed to "mount it" as a USB device. If you have the MyDrive app up and running properly on your PC, your 1005 appears as a network device. MyDrive is a USB to TCP bridge, and your 1005 is a little mini-server.

It would have been interesting to know if Device Manager saw it.
No, Device Manager doesn't see it... That's one of the first thing I checked.

Thanks again for your help.

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