Apr 15, 2013
North East England
TomTom Model(s)
XL 30
Hi all :)
Please forgive me as I am new to this forum or any other forum to be exact so please be patient with my very limited knowledge of all things technical especially TOMTOM devices and as luck has it computers.I'm old school :) Anyway now you have a bit of info about me here is my issue. Originally my Xl IQR froze on the second start up screen after the drum roll. After speaking on live chat with tomtom who sent me emails with procedures to carry out backup,format and so forth I'm at my wits end. Reason being I seem to have made the issue worse as now I don't have the application anymore. I have the maps quickGPSfix, Postcodes and voices and that's it? Now when I connect to Home it says update required but when I click ok it then says no items available? Can anyone help please before I have a nervous breakdown.
Thanks in advance
Connect to the computer and make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents. See here:

Then delete all the loose files in the root of the unt, NO folders or their contents.

Now, connect to Home and go to Manage my Device (2nd page), items on device-->application, make sure none is shown

Now, items on computer-->application. Remove it if there is one.

Finally, while in Home, Update my unit. A new application should be offered. Download/install and remove the device properly from Home using the Device Disconnect icon.

Restart the unit and see if it is ok now.
Firstly thank you

Just to be clear when you say loose files is this everything without a file/folder picture next to it. Sorry but I am really behind the times with computers n tech :-(
Well it has taken a few hours to complete the task because I didnt have enough memory on Drive C. Unfortunately the device is still the same just the device and cable (blue background screen) picture. after drum noise?????
When I try to update through Home it says no items available. I have no items on the device, maps,voices,post/zip codes and quickGPSfix are on the computer. Do I need to put these folders back on the device first?
I'm getting the feeling I am well out of my depth here :-( I really am this bad with computers so if you can help me then there is hope for everyone else out there. Can I also take this opportunity to send my apologies to Andy_P who I PM'd earlier today,before I knew how to start a thread. He has rightly pointed out that a forum is here to help everyone, and a record for the future, so my apologies to you. I will copy my original message and place it on this thread If this is ok
This is my original message that should of started this thread. How much can you learn in one day :)

You will have to excuse me as I am new to this forum or any other forum for that matter. I have just been reading one of the threads you were helping someone and you seem to be very clued up on issues with TomTom devices. Anyway I was wondering if you could possibly help me? My issue is my device XL IQR it wont download the Tom Tom application(well it doesnt even show up on Home) I made a backup before I formatted it(FAT32,Not quick) as the original issue was when I turned the device on it was ok until screen with device and hand in it, and then it just froze? This is why I backed it up(foolishly) through Home and formatted it on the advice of tomtom support live chat and emails. I'm not very good with computers or TomTom's to be honest but I think I have either deleted the application(is this firmware) or lost it within the bowls of my computer. I'm that bad I don't even know how to ask on the forum/start a new thread. I am really bad with computers. I'm turning to you as TomTom support say it is an issue with my device and it needs to be sent off for repair. Unfortunately I bought the device off a friend and he can not find proof of purchase so that's the guarantee out of the question. Although I get the feeling it may already be out of date. Needless to say I'm sure TomTom will charge me a small fortune to repair/download application. I know that this issue is possible to repair as I have seen company's who will do this but again I've already spent £'s on the device and would rather buy a brand new one than waste anymore cash on this one. So now I have rambled on do you think you could possibly help me PLEASE
Firstly, here's a description of "the basics of files and folders" that I originally wrote for another forum, but have just ported across to here

Next, I would put the ENTIRE backup BACK onto the XL and then delete JUST the files that are not inside a folder (see the description of "root directory" in that article).

THEN connect the unit to TT Home and see if it offers you a new set of program files.
You may have to select "update my XL" or it may just offer you a new "application" straight away.

It's still not the end of the world if that doesn't work, it's just that getting Home to replace the program files is often the easiest solution.

Take it slowly and don't get discouraged. The hardest part of what we need to do is trying to do it via the damp piece of string that a forum can be like. If we were sitting in the same room, it would usually be quite easy to explain.
Right I have started to do the entire backup. Again I'm confused? When I use TomTom Home, Manage my device, there's nothing on the device which I think is correct at this stage. However what has been backed up to the computer is Maps, Voices,quickGPSfix, but no sign of the application is this correct? If I open in explorer and double click on tomtom it shows me a couple of other things tthome.bif and ttn I'm unsure as to what these really are, Are they the missing application possibly?
Oh by the way this damp piece of string is opening a whole new world out there for me :) LOL
You need to sort out the space issue on your computer before doing anything else.

That's assuming you DO have a space problem...

How much space does Windows report that you have spare on drive C?


Next, can you confirm that you made a backup EARLIER? I'm not sure if you still have anything on the unit worth backing up or not!

And while we are making or restoring backups... please stay away from Home, just use windows Explorer as described in dhn's link earlier.
I've just made a bit of space its only 4.84gb but if my tom tom is only 2gb this should be enough right? I dont want to delete any other things on drive(C:) as I will probably remove part of an operating system :-( I will try again to re-install backup wish me luck I'm going in
Well there's something I havent come across before? When I ticked the box for Maps I was ask to pick a region of Europe which I have so far so good
Yes I did make a backup earlier on explorer although I suspect this might be were I've gone wrong as I cannot find Application anywhere?????? I promise I will stay away from home and have done since dhn's advice/link
Right thats the backup to device done. What I have showing now on manage my device:- items on device is....... maps,voices,postcodes and QuickGPSfix
Is this were I/we should be???

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